Thursday, August 30, 2012

welcome to our new HOME.

hellllllo ladies!
Welcome to the Social [Media] Butterflies new blog home!
     Thank you for joining us each month as we hope to inspire you with our projects, we are so glad to have you! Now you will be able to link to our projects, all in one place, you will be able to click on the Butterflies tab & get to know each of us, as well as find the links to our instagram, facebook, pinterest & twitter feeds. Join in, as we will be hosting challenges, enjoy posts from some of our creative friends, and of course get chances to enter the giveaways!
     As we strive to constantly inspire you, we would really like to thank YOU. The scrapbooking industry is all abour sharing-- tutorials, styles, svg files-- we learn best from each other. We see something on a project & get an amazing idea for one of our own THAT is why I love to scrapbook & I hope that you all feel the same way as you join us here :]

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